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Thank you for leaving these kind messages in our guestbook, everyone! These are just a few of the comments we received.

  • I'm so grateful for the opportunity to see this collection and hear the history! Thank you so much!
    Erica Hanssen

  • Thank you for sharing this beautiful collection!! Love the stories of the dresses. Thank you so much!
    Peggy L. Calvert

  • The detail and care to preserve this is admirable. Thank you for taking the time to share you vast knowledge with us!!
    S. Newman

  • Thanks for your generous tour of this fantastic collection. Your knowledge and enthusiasm is appreciated and catching.
    N. Newman of Albany, NY

  • A hidden secret. Wonderful to see.
    Carol Bailis

  • Thank you for preserving this history xoxo
    Julie Dickens of Van Etten, NY

  • Good start to the new decade.
    Virginia Davis

  • Fantastic collection and a great tour!
    Alp Sipahigil of Istanbul, Turkey

  • So inspiring!
    Debi Burns of Oakland

  • Miracles of achievement and presevation!
    Lauren Cisneros of Alameda

  • A wonderful look into fashion history!
    J. Kristine Rubenis of Palo Alto

  • I had to come back for a second look!
    Lisa Lázár of Oakland

  • Fantastic beadtastic!
    Fran G.

  • Thank you for stewarding such a beautiful collection and making it accessible! (#6 and #19 were our faves)
    Lea and Lee

  • FIFTH visit to this exhibit! I love it & I love Lacis!
    Anne E. Mach of Berkeley

  • Wonderful! And such loving care & work!
    Ellen Bowman of Seattle

  • So nice to have a unique museum right in my backyard.
    Erica of Berkeley

  • Incredible collection, lovingly curated and fascinatingly informative. Thank you for sharing.
    Deborah from Sunnyvale & London, UK

  • Absolutely stunning and a fabulous collection to interact with on such a personal level.
    Becca of Oakland

  • Thank you so much for putting together an inspiring accumulation of fabulous dresseds and techniques.
    L. from DC

  • Wonderful. Clothing my grandmother wore. Thank you for your sparkling tour!
    Elaine Hollman & Tom Kearny

  • Blows my skirt up!!!
    Pamela Bratton Castro

  • I'm wasting my life by not working with beads, lol!
    Steph Solis

  • So many beautiful pieces! Absolutely stunning.
    Jessica T.

  • Resoration and reuse or display will help save the world cultures.
    Nancy Rowe

  • Wonderful getting a close up and personal look at these beaded dresses.
    Kathy Smith

  • What a treat! Such a lovely collection & tour—thank you.
    Maddie B

  • Absolutely enchanting. Thank you!!
    Amanda Clemmons

  • Beautiful and evocative of a great era.
    Dani L.