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About our museum

Established in 2004, Lacis Museum of Lace & Textiles is a legacy museum honoring textile artist and entrepreneur Kaethe Kliot (1930-2002).
           Now known as Lacis, the little textile emporium founded by Kaethe in 1965 and operated as a haven for the burgeoning fiber arts community. It was a place of inspiration and ready encouragement, where she provided her support, imparted her wisdom, and generously lent her expertise to all.
           The collection of the Kliot laces and textiles represents 40 years of dedication to the preservation of the most exquisite human handiwork. It includes thousands of specimens from pre-Columbian Peru, the finest from the 17th c. European courts and examples of the machine laces exemplifying the 19th c. industrial revolution An extensive library, focusing on lace, textiles and costume includes over 10,000 items of books, patterns, articles and other ephemera. Related tools of the textile craft include those for all varieties of lace-making as well as an extensive collection of sewing machines.

Our purpose & objective is to:

             Preserve the spirit of Lacis as a place of support, knowledge and encouragement for all in the textile arts
             Preserve and maintain the lace and textile collections of Jules and Kaethe Kliot
             Preserve lace and textiles across cultures and periods, the patterns and tools of creation, the objects of their purpose, and the literature associated with them
             Provide a resource center for research and documentation of these objects
             Provide and maintain a Museum Shop for generating financial support
             Educate and disseminate knowledge of lace and textiles
             Encourage interest in lace and textiles by providing professional services for conservation and restoration, as well as design and consultation services for costume and accessories as appropriate for period re-enactments and bridal occasions

To that end, we are commited to:

             Supporting a permanent staff to oversee all operations
             Soliciting volunteers to work with staff
             Presenting rotating exhibits drawn from the resources of the permanent collection
             Hosting classes to encourage dissemination of the techniques and knowledge of the textile arts


LMLT is incorporated in California as a Public Benefit Corporation [501(C)(3)]. Our operations are supported by The Kliot Family Trust, monetary donations, donations of saleable items, classes and workshops, memberships, and proceeds from the Museum Shop.
     LMLT is always interested in acquiring items for the Museum collection, or for resale to support Museum activities, from individuals, estates and auctions. Preferred items are those related to the Museum focus (that is, Lace, Needlework, Textiles, Costumes and Costume Accessories).
     If you're interested in bestowing such an endowment to our permanent collection or the Museum Shop, please see our donation form here—and thank you for your support!


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